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Loffciamcore - Black Betty Is Splitter Bitch (Kurwastyle Project Remix)

Loffciamcore - Blue Shit (Russian Roulette Remix)

Loffciamcore - Bullet For My Harshead

Loffciamcore - Chiptune Speedbass

Loffciamcore - Eat Me! Harder!!!

Loffciamcore - Game Over Haters

Loffciamcore - Harsh Voices In My Head

Loffciamcore - I'm Always Ready To Kick Some Ass

Loffciamcore - I'm Gonna Sing The Doom Song Now

Loffciamcore - I'm Your Devil

Loffciamcore - Letz Fkng Fuk Cuntz

Loffciamcore - Miota Nim Jak Szatan

Loffciamcore - Screw You And Your Real Speedcore

Loffciamcore - Something About You

Loffciamcore - Something About You (Chiroptera Remix)

Loffciamcore - Terror Rape Machine

Loffciamcore - Terror Rape Machine (HateWire Remix)

Loffciamcore - Underground Warrior

Noizefucker - The Boss (Loffciamcore Remix)

Rohstein - Human Beast (Loffciamcore Remix)


Loffciamcore - Distorted Cult Of Hate

Loffciamcore - Komercha Pierdolona

Loffciamcore - Macie Tu Extratone Gnoje

Loffciamcore - Mindbreaker!

Loffciamcore - Napalm Enema Into Your Mouth

Loffciamcore - Trash Whore Suck My Extratone Dick

Loffciamcore - White Noise Suicide

Loffciamcore - Zero Gravity


Loffciamcore - Bad Touch At The Love Parade

Loffciamcore - Bad Touch At The Love Parade (Pink Punk Boy Remix)

Loffciamcore - Children Of The Night

Loffciamcore - I Will Fuck You Up Loli

Loffciamcore - Lady Gaga Make Dance On My Dick

Loffciamcore & odaxelagnia - Oldschool Dancecore Love

Loffciamcore - Up To No Good

Loffciamcore - Up To No Good (Annoying Ringtone Remix)

Loffciamcore - Vegetarian Progressive Grindcore


Loffciamcore - Czasami Warto Penisem Poruszyć Ważny Problem

Loffciamcore - Dziwki Lasery Polcore'owe Bengery (MIX)

Loffciamcore - Kurwy Konserwy Polcore Bez Przerwy (MIX)

Loffciamcore & odaxelagnia - Szukam Dziuni Dzisiaj Na Donkstep

SKRD!!! Crew - Spoko Wszystkim Dziuniom Damy Chuj

This is only little part of my music collection. Also notice that a long time I wasn't update this list of tracks.
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